About Me Series: Intro


Someone gave me a really good suggestion, and I loved it!!  They suggested that my “About Me” page was a tad too long, and that I should break it up into different posts to give more chance for conversation with others who may have gone through the same situations as I.  So here is to introducing my About Me Series!

My first post will be about me having pregnancy complications and losing my son.

My second post will go over my second pregnancy and the joys and anxiety that I went through.

My third post will go over my third pregnancy.


And if I have any other thoughts to add I will be sure to add the links here!!  I am so excited for this and hope that I will be able to encourage those who may be dealing with the same things.


Peace in Jesus’ Name!!

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You are Never Alone

Our focus verse today is Psalms 68:6.

“God sets the solitary in families…”

Whether you are literally an orphan, or you feel like no one is there for you, God has placed you into a family.  Here on earth, and in Heaven.

Look around you, your friends are your family, those who are always there for you are your family.  Family doesn’t have to be blood. Read more

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