Why we won’t be teaching our children about Santa Claus

Santa isn’t real (At least not now)

I understand the real story behind Santa, and we will teach it to our children in due time. What we will not teach our children about is the mythical character that he has turned into. Someone who comes down the chimney and gives presents to only good girls and boys.

This in no way means I condemn those who do “Santa” in their family, this is just what we do.  Everyone is different.

In our household we celebrate the real reason for the season. The birth of our savior Jesus Christ. (I understand he wasn’t born December 25, that is just the day that has been set aside to celebrate).

This doesn’t mean we won’t watch Christmas movies with Santa in them, he just isn’t our focus during Christmas.  He isn’t someone we idolize, he’s just another character in a movie. 

Jesus came to live among us, to be with us, and to die for us because he loves us. His love goes farther than any mistake we could make. He loves us in our good and bad, and blesses us all through the year; even when we are undeserving of His blessings.

We will teach our children the joy of this time of year, and that we should share it all year long. Because we know where this unspeakable joy comes from. Whether we are in abundance or lack, we should always bless others and be a shining light to this dark world.

Have you noticed an increase of happiness and joy during this time of year? It is because, if only for a short time, a lot of the world is thinking and singing about Jesus.

Well who will bring your children presents if not Santa? We will. We will buy our children gifts because we love them, not based upon their behavior. They are expected to be good all year long, not just during December.

What about secret gifting? I think secret gifting is great! Instead of writing Santa, write Jesus! He is the hope of the world. A lot of the time people just need to know that Jesus loves them and it will bring them undescribable joy! To konw that they are thought of and loved and are not alone in this world. But Jesus didn’t really give them that gitft, you did. That’s true, kind of. We are to be Jesus to those who do not know Him yet, and to those who do.

I’m not stopping the “magic” of Christmas by not teaching my children Santa. The magic we feel is the love of Jesus everywhere we go in this time of focus on him. And the “Christmas spirit” is the spirit of God that is being glorified by everyone seeking him.

Have a blessed and wonderful CHRISTmas this year, and I pray that the joy you feel stays with you all year long!!


Do you teach your children about Santa? How do you answer those who don’t understand why you don’t tell your children about Santa?


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5 thoughts on “Why we won’t be teaching our children about Santa Claus

  1. Love this and glad I’m not alone! We don’t do Santa either. My daughter knows he’s just a character and I’m quite content with that. When people question our decision not to do Santa I simply explain that I’d rather my kids believe in and know Jesus. I’m sure people think we are weird, but I haven’t ever gotten a negative response.

  2. I agree with parents that don’t teach Santa Claus. As Christians we need to explain to children the real meaning of Christmas, not of a fictional character. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Personally I don’t mind people using Santa for their kids but I do have a problem when that is the only moral center they use for Christmas. Or when all of the kids gifts come from Santa. You make excellent points. I even teach the accurate history of Daint Nick and not the mythical man who visits every home.

  4. I have heard people not choosing to tell their children that Santa exists. I can see both pros and cons to this. I like that you emphasized that Christmas time is really about Jesus and that kids should be expected to behave all year and not just during this time of year. 🙂

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